Bad Business Vs No Business For Small Business Owners

Should we turn business away as compared to getting into business deals, which are bad? The truth to this is that some business is always better as compared to no business. What we need to do within this article is define what is actually bad.
What is bad business?

Bad business is essentially what costs small business owners dearly. This could possibly mean that these bad transactions could end up costing more than it is worth in the end. If you have shelled out money for materials, time, labor and money only to receive something not up to your company standard, then you have lost money on that particular job. Taking these, types of deals incur more money than you received for the finished product or service.

Follow your gut instinct

More times to none, business owners take on more work than they feel comfortable with in the beginning. Some will have a bad feeling about the transaction or maybe even suspect they will not receive payment or the customer has such unrealistic expectations that the business owners knows will not be fulfilled.

Make sure there is communication between both parties involved

You should make every effort to make sure that no matter the transaction, the deal is precise and profitable with the terms and conditions made clear as well as understood by both parties involved. This will ensure that both parties will be happy. One cannot avoid bad business deals from never happening but a little common sense can aid greatly with these ventures.

Do not believe that bad business is better than no business

Today our nation is experiencing very difficult times. Some will even state that although you lost money on a particular job that your name is still out there being networked and this makes the loss worth it, this is not always true in my book. Generally, the people who state this have very deep pockets and can afford the losses but for a struggling small business owner who has just started their business, jobs such as this can lead the company to failure.

What causes bad business?

Bad small businesses come out of a breakdown in the relationship between you and your small business. Through the misunderstanding of an expectation, you come to realize that often the expensive lawsuits result from jobs or transactions such as this; it is not worth it in the end to continually deal with bad business. You must adjust and learn from these deals, which have turned bad. It is obvious that no business is preferable to bad business. Bad business turns costly over time as well as time consuming and the bad publicity gained from this is horribly bad for business.

Through determination on the part of your small business, you should never leave details up for chance. You must ensure all parties involved with business deals are in full agreement unless you want these dealings to minimize your customers as well as your income.

Trump Gets Pranked for April Fool’s Day

The ominous weather warning signs all over Washington D.C. look very real at first glance. They’re fastened securely to government signposts
What sign?

Upon closer look—they’re a warning of the impending effects of global warming, and a literary jab at Donald Trump’s environmentally damning policies. This comes just after Trump has signed an executive order scrapping Obama’s clean energy plan, embracing coal.

Earlier this month, leading climatologist Dr. Peter Gleick urged for a mass protest against the Trump administration amidst global warming denial. Well, it looks like we have a small start.

The signs warn politicians and passers-by of incoming severe weather, but…due to a guy named Adam’s emotions? One reads “WARNING: ADAM IS ANGRY—TAKE SHELTER.” Another says, “ADAM IS DEPRESSED—PREPARE FOR SEVERE RAIN AND SINKHOLES.” And lastly, the signs warn that, “ADAM IS ANXIOUS—BEWARE OF TORNADOS.” The signs can be found near The White House, Capitol Hill, and other political monuments around D.C. Not to mention, around Los Angeles and Chicago.

So who is Adam? And why are these signs popping up in our nation’s capitol? Adam is the main character of the (currently #1 best-selling) newly-released novel the signs point to: The Weather Man, by Sam Hayes( In the book, Adam’s emotions control the weather, creating natural disasters when he feels negative emotions.

The novel is the first to satire Trump as president, in the character of “President Douglas Powers,” who is metaphorically introduced as “an exploding trophy,” wearing a gold-plated suit that “must have been terrifically, tremendously heavy.” (Full passage below). It’s the Douglas and his administration who are left with only one way to keep Americans safe: keeping Adam happy. They send him on The Pursuit of Happiness Project, with license to have anything he wants, at any expense.

The book attacks Trump’s ruthless America-first philosophies by painting a picture of an idyllic Trumpian America in 2076, then bashing it to pieces. It’s America’s 300th anniversary–a year where all the consequences of global warming come crashing down at once. It’s a world in which Trump’s reckless win-at-all costs narrative has seemingly succeeded in bringing America immense wealth and power…until those horrific hidden costs come out to play.

In the story, a post-WWIII weather conspiracy has thus far protected America from the effects of climate change ravaging the earth, but it’s through the curse of Adam Anderson that Mother Nature retaliates. The author envisions a tech-heavy future where a supremely wealthy America has mastered global warming, but unbeknownst to Americans, leaves the planet’s less fortunate majority to take the heavy toll. It’s this same reasoning that lead Pope Francis to plead the world to come together to stop climate change at the Paris Summit–after learning that 50-60% of climate-warming pollution comes from the wealthiest people on the planet, while the bottom 3 billion contribute only 5%, yet will experience by far the worst effects of climate change. With a 175 country agreement toward less pollution, the Paris summit was the greatest victory for the environment EVER. Now, President Trump plans to withdraw from that agreement. And why? For the immediate prosperity of the American people, of course. At the expense of everyone making sacrifices for the good of the planet, and our children.

It’s an internationally inconsiderate take on the “Pursuit of Happiness” pillar of American thought, and a good dose of ignorance in regards to the consequences our actions may have on the future of our own country. Ironically, in Hayes’ 2076 imagining of those consequences, the only way out of this mess is the same way we got into it—an immediate and all-American “pursuit of happiness” for satire’s central character. Adam’s constant happiness becomes the only way to keep the environment at bay, and it isn’t so simple as President Powers made it seem. The book puts happiness to the test in an existential journey full of natural disasters and an effort to dodge them, trying to find out if happiness was really worth it, or if it can even be captured at all.

The author put up the signs as a clever way to call out Trump on the environment and draw attention to his book, which is meant to expose what the he calls in one social media post, “the dark side of the American Dream.” The signs are not limited to D.C. Earlier this year, the author put up signs in Chicago and Los Angeles, and wound up in the Chicago Tribune and LA Magazine. The signs have also been spotted in Miami, which is half underwater in the book, with canals for streets, and is “considered the world’s new Venice,” since Venice, Italy is by then completely underwater.

Hayes may have predicted the election, however inadvertently, but let’s hope he can’t predict the future. Either way, Trump is hilariously parodied in the book.( When introducing the character of President Powers, Hayes writes, “President Powers burst through the door like an exploding trophy. He wore a black suit laced with gold all over–gold in places it had no business being. Gold thread between the seams, gold buttons, gold pocket panels, gold linings, a stripe of pure gold paving down each pant leg, and a gold goddamn collar. All actual gold. It must have been a heavy suit, a terrifically, tremendously heavy suit.”

Commercial Carpet Cleaning – Shampooing

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Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Lorry Driver?

It’s time to stop allowing the negative stereotypes that surround lorry drivers to put off those considering a career in haulage. In other words, it’s time to separate fact from fiction. Let’s prove, once and for all, that this profession requires skill, consideration and dedication.
As a first step, we’ve outlined the six most important qualities of a good lorry driver, in the real world, not in fantasy. So, do you have what it takes to be an A-class driver?


A top driver has to have all five senses working to their ultimate ability, always alert to the vehicle’s performance, and also to their own. If you’ve got a keen eye and excellent reaction times, this could well be the job for you.


Do long days alone at the wheel sound appealing to you, or like your worst nightmare? An ability to work by oneself, manage one’s own time, and work through decisions is make or break when it comes to a successful career in haulage. Furthermore, a driver can often be responsible for their own schedule, making it essential they can develop a good work-life balance using their own initiative.

Physically Fit

Although commercial driving doesn’t match most people’s idea of an active career, in haulage jobs, physical fitness is a must. Not only does a driver spend extensive time on the road, without the usual routine of a 9-5, they are also often responsible for lifting heavy loads.


If you’re serious about a career in haulage, reliability needs to be written into your DNA. Customers expect punctuality and smooth service at all times, so it is absolutely essential that the driver is able to establish a viable schedule and stick to it. Moreover, a client needs to know they can trust the driver to set a fair price, one that reflects the service offered rather than a desire for a quick profit.


Having said that a driver needs to be comfortable spending time on their own, it’s also vital to stress the importance of people skills. Drivers must be able to interact and communicate, both face-to-face and remotely, with a wide range of individuals: clients, fellow drivers and port officials, to name a few.

Ticks the Boxes

Last, but by no means least, a prospective candidate needs an excellent driving record and a valid Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) Licence, which requires different, more specialised tests than your standard qualification. Drivers also tend to pursue other qualifications and skills once they get started, to give their career trajectory that extra boost.

A career in haulage requires a very particular and very well-honed set of skills, alongside various characteristics and traits. Any long-term industry professional would recommend someone who fits these six criteria to think seriously about this fulfilling, worthwhile career.

Norman Dulwich is a Correspondent for Haulage Exchange, the leading online trade network for the road transport industry. Connecting logistics professionals across the UK and Europe through their website, Haulage Exchange is the leading service for matching haulage jobs with available vehicles. They also provide expert articles on making a career in haulage and other freight industry related topics. Over 5,400 member companies are networked together through the Exchange to fill empty capacity, get new clients and form long-lasting business relationships.